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    The Unchangeable W. Shakespeare
    To His Love W. Shakespeare
    God Keep You Mary Devere
    To Celia Ben Jonson
    Song Sir John Suckling
    A Picture Sir John Suckling
    Love's Farewell Michael Drayton
    The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Christopher Marlowe
    To Aurora Christopher Marlowe
    A Rondeau to Ethel Austin Dobson
    A Ditty Sir P. Sidney
    The True Beauty T. Carew
    Go, Lovely Rose! E. Waller
    Frustra W. Shakespeare
    To Althea from Prison Colonel Lovelace
    To Give My Love Good-morrow Thomas Heywood
    Constancy Earl of Rochester
    When Twilight Dews Thomas Moore
    When We Two Parted Lord Byron
    Song R. B. Sheridan
    The Indian Serenade P. B. Shelley
    A Dilemma P. B. Shelley
    Jean Robert Burns
    A Lost Love H. F. Lyte
    To a Young Lady W. Cowper
    A Red, Red Rose Robert Burns
    To Mary Robert Burns
    Parting Gerald Massey
    The Sleeping Beauty Samuel Rogers
    Sally in Our Alley Henry Carey
    The Time I've Lost in Wooing Thomas Moore
    Absence Thomas Moore
    Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms Thomas Moore
    Du bist wie eine Blume From German of Heine
    The Kiss, Dear Maid Lord Byron
    Highland Farm Robert Burns
    She Walks in Beauty Lord Byron
    When He, Who Adores Thee Thomas Moore
    I Fear Thy Kisses P. B. Shelley
    The Loved One Ever Near Goethe
    Oh ! Say Not Woman's Heart Is Bought T. L. Peacock
    One Way of Love R. Browning
    When Thou Art Nigh Thomas Moore
    On a Girdle Edmund Waller
    Serenade Thomas Hood
    To the End C. G. Rossetti
    If She but Knew A. O'Shaughnessy
    Mine Dinah M. Craik
    Happy Love Charles Mackay
    To One in Paradise Edgar Allan Poe
    Maud Alfred Tennyson
    So Sweet Love Seem'd Alfred Tennyson
    In a Gondola R. Browning
    Annie Laurie R. Browning
    What Shall I Do for My Love? Lewis Morris
    When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies E. B. Lytton
    The Lost Mistress R. Browning
    Is It Good-bye? W. E. Henley
    Somewhere or Other C. G. Rossetti
    Ask Me No More Alfred Tennyson
    I Will Not Let Thee Go Robert Bridges
    Lovesight D. G. Rossetti
    A Serenade E. C. Pinkney
    When Other Friends Are Round Thee G. P. Morris
    The Brookside Lord Houghton
    Oh, Fear to Call It Loving E. B. Browning
    Love at Sea From Théophile Gautier
    Night Thoughts Coventry Patmore
    Longing Matthew Arnold
    The Miller's Daughter Alfred Tennyson
    Song A. O'Shaughnessy
    In the Year That's Come and Gone W. E. Henley
    Rondel John Payne
    A Love Symphony A. O'Shaughnessy
    If Thou Must Love Me E. B. Browning
    Song C. Monkhouse
    The Night Has a Thousand Eyes F. Bourdillon
    My Delight and Thy Delight Robert Bridges
    Willowwood D. G. Rossetti
    Geraldine, Geraldine W. E. Henley
    Never the Time and the Place R. Browning
    You Played and Sang W. E. Henley
    To Daphne Sir W. Besant
    She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways W. Wordsworth
    A Match A. C. Swinburne
    Listening C. G. Rossetti
    We Parted in Sadness Charles Fenno Hoffman
    Jenny Kissed Me Leigh Hunt
    A Ballade of Roses J. H. McCarthy
    My Love to Me W. E. Henley
    With Strawberries W. E. Henley
    Ballade of Forgotten Loves Arthur Grissom
    On Newport Beach H. C. Bunner
    Song A. O'Shaughnessy
    Love Notes W. E. Henley
    In the Evening H Aïdé
    A Nice Correspondent Frederick Locker
    Which? The Harvard Lampoon
    The Wanderer Austin Dobson
    No Jewell'd Beauty Gerald Massey
    When She Comes Home J. W. Riley
    True Woman D. G. Rossetti
    Oh, No -- Not E'en When First We Loved Thomas Moore
    Among the Heather George Arnold
    They Know Not My Heart Thomas Moore
    How Many Times T. L. Beddoes
    Farewell! If Ever Fondest Prayer Lord Byron

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    Songs of Sentiment; A Christy Gift Book
    By: Christy, Howard Chandler, (1873-1952)
    Published: 1910
    Publisher: Moffat, Yard and Company New York
    Pages: 198
    Possible copyright status: NOT IN COPYRIGHT
    Language: English
    Digitizing sponsor: MSN
    Book contributor: University of California Libraries