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    [Lines From]

    To the Christy Girl - S.M.
    A Toast - G.W.L.
    Love - C. H. Waring
    To Daphne - Sir Walter Besant
    To Irene - Franklin Baldwin Wiley
    My Town Lady - Witter Brynner
    The Time I've Lost in Wooing - Thomas Moore
    How Is It? - John Cameron Grant
    Mistress Mine ! - William Shakespeare
    Jennie Kissed Me ! - Leigh Hunt
    Masking - William Shakespeare
    Lady Mine - Samuel Lover
    My Love - James Gates Percival
    To Helen - Edgar Allan Poe
    A Bargain - William Strode
    To Ianthe - William Savage Landor
    The Thought of Her - Theodosia Garrison
    Her Lips Were So Near - Walter Learned
    My Love She Keeps Aloof From Me - Eugene C. Dolson
    An Old Sweetheart of Mine - James Whitcomb Riley
    My Sweetheart - Griffith Alexander
    My Dark-hair'd Girl - Samuel Lover
    Love in a Cottage - N. P. Willis
    The Cast - Edmund Gosse
    Whe Doris Deigns - George Allan England
    Eugenia - F. T. Palgrave
    To a Fair Maiden - Walter Savage Landor
    Anne - Lizette W. Reese
    The Angel's Wing - Samuel Lover
    Sub Rosa - Brander Matthews
    He That Will Win - Samuel Butler
    My Sweetheart's Face - John Allan Wyeth
    An Invitation - W. M. Praed
    I Saw My Lady Weep - John Dowland
    To a Girl - Anonymous

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    The Christy Girl
    By: Christy, Howard Chandler, (1873-1952)
    An anthology of poems in praise of women with 16 full page color illustrations with tissue guards and 5 two tone drawings, plus border decorations on each printed page.
    Decorations by Earl Stetson Crawford
    Publisher: The Bobbs-Merrill Company Publishers. Indianapolis. November 1906 First Edition
    Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1906.
    Pages: 48 p. illus. 25 cm.
    Book measures approx. 7 3/8" x 9 1/4" x 3/4"
    Possible copyright status: NOT IN COPYRIGHT
    Language: English
    Citations: MLA, APA
    Digitizing Sponsor: MSN: HathiTrust (non-commercial use)
    Book contributors: Original from Yale University; Original from Princeton University (with full text)