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Harrison Fisher

On June 26, 1997, the Society of Illustrators, New York, inducted Harrison Fisher into the Illustrators Hall of Fame for his distinguished achievements as an illustrator of great talent.

He published a number of different volumes such as A Dream of Fair Women, Harrison Fisher's American Beauties, and A Garden of Girls. He also illustrated numerous novels and epic poems, the most ambitious of which is Hiawatha, filled not with pretty girls but with Noble Savages.

His illustrations were used on many postcards which are highly collectible. Perhaps the most famous is a series of 6 cards, frequently framed in a set, titled The Six Great Moments in a Girl's Life. Individual prints intended for framing were issued. And there are hundreds of magazines with his covers or interior illustrations.

Fisher continued producing magazine covers but gradually grew tired of painting one pretty face after another. He expressed a desire to paint children and old women. He remained active until about 1915, gradually losing his pre-eminent role to other illustrators such as Christy. Eventually, Fisher went into semi-retirement in California, continuing to do only Cosmopolitan covers. He painted almost every Cosmo cover between 1913 and 1934.

His career concluded in 1934, when at the age of 56. Harrison Fisher died unexpectedly on Friday, January 19, 1934. In the years that followed the art world deepened its appreciation of Fisher's place in the history of American illustration.

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