• "Harrison Fisher"
  • "The Father of a Thousand Girls"

Marguerite Marion Allwork modeled for Harrison Fisher for twenty years, from 1906 to 1927.

The Greatest Period of a Girl's Life series. One of the first series in which Margery Allwork posed; work began in Sea Cliff, Long Island.

The six images were drawn for the Ladies Home Journal magazine. Two of the images appear in full-color on the cover of the Journal, and four appear in the interior pages as black and white illustrations. This series became the most popular of any (series) done by Fisher.

Later, Reinthal & Newman issued the images on American Postcards within series 186-191 and series 468-473. Margery owned a set of the postcards, and wrote captions underneath three of the images.

The images were reprinted by Charles Scribner's Sons in two of Fisher's art books; American Girls in Miniature in 1912, and A Girl's Life and Other Pictures in 1913.

Margery posed for images within two other series; College Girls and The Girls I Like Best, published in the Ladies Home Journal magazine in 1908, and 1910.

Additional images that Margery posed for are shown in Fair Americans art book, published by Charles Scribner's Sons, September, 1911. Margery's image appears on the book cover inlay and on 24 of the bookplates. Her images represent over one-third of the book's content.

Her images appear on magazine covers for Cosmopolitan, The Ladie's Home Journal, and The Saturday Evening Post.

Margery also modeled for other illustratiors such as James Montgomery Flagg, Charles Dana Gibson, and Penrhyn Stanlaws.

She posed for Harrison Fisher for the last time in 1927. Her image appeared on the cover of the December, 1927, issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

On December 26, 1977, Marguerite Marion (Allwork) Perkins died at the age of 83.

Margery Allwork Photo; United States Navy, 1918: Photo courtesy of Margery's only child, Sally (Perkins) Henderson; Ladies Home Journal 1907, are on the Models page.