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Maidens Fair
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York.
October 19, 1912; 2c. October 23, 1912.
63 p. Illus., 16 mounted col. pl. (incl. front) 33½cm . (9¼ x 13 inches.)
Boxed, net, $3.50. Postage 27c. extra.
Many full-page illustrations with decorative borders, head and tail pieces, by T. B. Hapgood.

MAIDENS FAIR. Contains many full-page illustrations by Harrison Fisher, reproduced in four colors, decorative borders, head and tailpieces, etc. No holiday season is quite complete without a Harrison Fisher book. This volume measures 9¼ x 13 inches, so that the pictures are of good size. Each picture is accompanied by an appropriate poem, and each poem has an additional pen-and-ink sketch of a fetching Fisher maiden. Of course, an occasional dog is included among the admirers of these picturesque girls; no less than three dogs appear on the frontispiece, the study of a girl dressed in black and white, with a flowerpot of pale pink hydrangeas by way of background. The final picture in the book shows the stir of last minute preparations on the wedding day -- the bride's mother gives the last touch to the veil, the maid arranges the folds of the dress, and a bridesmaid at the door is trying in vain to keep two enthusiastic small children out of the room. The book is boxed and in gift-book style throughout.
The Publisher's Weekly, Volume 82, F. Leypoldt, 1912.

Sometimes artists get their innings and have writers illustrate them instead of having to illustrate stories. Such is and has been the case with Harrison Fisher, whose portraits of types of pretty girls, adorned in the latest styles, have made him for years one of the most popular illiistrators in the country. The accompanying poems are selected from appreciative verses extolling the fair sex. “Harrison Fisher Girls” is just as attractive as "Maidens Fair,” “Beauties,” or any of his former books, and it is offered to the public at a very marked reduction in price compared with the former books. Many a young man who wanders into a bookstore in search of a particularly appropriate gift for some particularly charming girl will wander out with “Harrison Fisher Girls.” The illustrations are reproduced in four colors on pages 9 x 12 inches in size. The decorations are by T. B. Hapgood.
(Publisher's Weekly Vo. LXXXVI. July-December, 1914.