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The Harrison Fisher Book
A collection of drawings in colors and black and white.
Main Author: Harrison Fisher, 1875-1934
Introduction by James B. Carrington.
Published: New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1907
Description: 7 p.l., 49 pl. (9 col.; incl. front.) port. 29 cm.
Large 8vo, pp. 112.
$3 net.
Note: The black-and-white plates are printed on both sides.
Webmaster Note: Original content shown with alternate illustration in color when possible. Color Plates from Book are specified: my copy of this book does not have some of these, but I find them in other editions.

From Mr. Carrington's masterly little essay on American illustrating in general and Mr. Harrison Fisher in particular, we receive illuminating information as to what it is in Mr. Fisher's work that attracts us. There is also a valuable technical description of the advantages which have accrued to latter-day illustrators from recent improvements in color reproduction. As for Mr. Fisher's drawings of the American girl, like the fair original, they speak for themselves. Fisher, Harrison [Editor and Illustrator].

The Harrison Fisher Book was the first of fifteen art books that featured his illustrations. Harrison Fisher was at the height of his fame. The art books differed from the magazine covers and book illustrations in that they contained large, glossy bookplates of his illustrations and were showcases of his talent and ethereal style.

Charles Scribner's Sons printed 15,675 copies of The Harrison Fisher Book. Each copy was sold at $3.00 each. At the height of his fame, Harrison Fisher commanded advances from between $2,000 and $4,000 per art book as well as 50 cents from every copy sold in America, and 15% of the net price for each book sold internationally. (Welch 50) Bobbs-Merrill, Charles Scribner's Sons, Dodd, Mead, Grosset & Dunlap, and Copp, Clark Co. in Canada published his art books. They were the same publishers who published novels with his illustrations. His work also appeared in large art book anthologies, among which were: American Art by American Artists, King Albert's Book, Eight American Artists, Thirty Favorite Paintings, and Pictures in Color by Famous American Artists.