American Girls In Miniature

  • "Harrison Fisher"
  • "American Girls In Miniature"

Charles Scribner's Sons New York, August 24, 1912
Number of Bookplates:   Color: 32   B&W: 1
21,130 copies printed and sold for $.75

A dainty gift volume is that of Harrison Fisher's "American Girls In Miniature." There are thirty-two of them in all, one for each page, reproduced in lovely color effects. Each beauty represents some happy phase of American life, from the winter girl out for an airing, to the debutante, the bride, and the typical visitors to France, Italy, Japan, Ireland and England -- and each and every picture vies with it predecessor in point of charm. Those who love the work of this popular artist will revel in these 1912 studies. The book is bound in cloth and boards with insert color pictures, and comes in a box with a colorful reproductions on the cover. (Net, 75 cents.).

The Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer, Volume 37, Excelsior Publishing House, 1912

American Girls Abroad 1909
  I. The American Girl in Japan: Ladies Home Journal Magazine, May 1909
II. The American Girl in England: The Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1909
III.. The American Girl in Ireland: Ladies Home Journal Magazine July 1909
IV. The American Girl in Italy: Ladies Home Journal Magazine August 1909
  V. The American Girl in France: The Ladies’ Home Journal, September 1909
VI. The American Girl in Netherlands: Ladies Home Journal Magazine October 1909
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American Girls Abroad