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American Belles
Decorations by Bertha Stuart
Published: New York, Dodd, Mead & Company, 1911
[64] p. illus., 16 col, mounted pl. (incl. front) 34 cm; $3.50 net.
Webmaster Note: Poems comprise the major content.

Two of the most enviable qualities in a man bidding for pubfavor (whether in art, literature or play-writing) is an ability to be able to ascertain just the sort of thing his patrons imagine they like best, together with the courage to let them have it, and plenty. Mr. Harrison Fisher is certainly one of these fortunate mortals. He has his public, he knows what they want, what they think they want, and lets them have it. If there a certain monotony about his work -- and there is -- well, what's that? Mr. Fisher cannot be held responsible for the artistic taste of his patrons, can he? Indeed, his obvious desire to beautify it must be regarded as one of the estimable traits of an amimable artist. Mr. Fisher's work is always carefully drawn; clean on line, and natural in composition. His sincere and most unerring feeling for delicate color seldom deserts him; he manages to make his types of American beauty wellings of interest and loveliness.

This new "Harrison Fisher "AMERICAN BELLES." The Harrison Fisher Book for 1911. Copyright, 1911, Dodd, Mead & Co.; is bound to enhance the reputation of its artist and give, if it be possible, a wider vogue than heretofore. It contains full-page pictures in color, a collection of love ballads by Herrick to Dora Sigerson Shorter, with pen drawings on pages by Mr. Fisher and decorations by Bertha Stuart, print and binding are alike excellent -- befitting a book of artistic quality and beauty.
New-York Observer, Volume 90, Morse, Hallock & Company, 1911.