society The main features of novelty referred to in the construction and organisation of the Savoy Hotel have, where practicable, been reproduced and, as far as possible, still further developed at Claridge's.

Especial attention has been given to the furnishing of luxurious suites, and arrangements for making a luxurious home for Royal personages, the aristocracy and plutocracy, during the London season and at other times when visiting or passing through London.

The situation of Claridge's, close to Grosvenor Square and Hyde Park, in the very centre of smart London, need not be insisted on as being the perfect position for the reception of such guests.

One of the most distinguished chefs of modern times, well known all over the civilised world, for some years recently the presiding genius of one of the most celebrated restaurants in Paris, provides the déjeuners and dinners of the haute cuisine of France; and the comforts of guests are looked after by that popular and accomplished hotel director Monsieur Henri Mengay, whose long acquaintance with the distinguished class of guests who frequent the new Royal Claridge's enables him to anticipate their requirements and, with the aid of his able staff, to fulfil them.

Claridge's Hotel
The Home of Kings and Princes."

Brook Street, Grosvenor Squar, London, W.

Telegrams: "Claridge's Hotel, London." Telephone: No. 5377 Gerrard.

The old Royal Hostelry Resuscitated

General Manager: M. Henri Mengay

Formerly Manager of the Grand Hotel, Monte Carlo, of the Hotel National, Lucerne, the Hotel Stahibad, St. Moritz, and Proprietor of the Hotel Bellevue, San Remo.)

Chef de Cuisine: M. Nignon.

(For the last three years Head Chef at Paillard's Restaurant at Paris.)

Chef de Réception: M. Borgo.

In situation, for fashionable residence, Claridge's is unsurpassed and unsurpassable. It stands between Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square, in the very centre of fashionable London. It is only a few minutes' walk from Hyde Park, Bond Street, Piccadilly and Regent Street, and within easy distance of all the principal picture galleries, exhibitions, railway stations and theatres. For famihes visiting London for the season, no more central situation could be chosen.

The rooms are large, airy, and cheerful, and the situation ensures perfect quiet.

The PRIVATE SUITES are probably the most luxurious in Europe, and are decorated and furnished in different styles, such as Louis XV., Louis XVI., Empire, Georgian, Adams, Sheraton, etc. Each suite is complete in itself, with Private Entrance and Vestibule, Bathroom, Lavatory, etc.

These suites can be taken for the London season, and so all the troubles and responsibilities of a furnished house avoided; every facility being given for entertaining by way of dinners, déjeuners, receptions, etc.; in fact, families may enjoy all the conveniences and comforts of a house of their own, without its many drawbacks.

There are a large number of smaller suites, with private bathrooms, etc., and a number of single and double bedrooms. There are nearly one hundred bathrooms in the hotel. The baths are all of china. No Charge is made for baths.

The ROYAL SUITE. A suite of rooms has been designed for the lodging of Royalty. This suite is shut off from the rest of the hotel, and has its own Private Entrance from the street, with Vestibule and Staircase, magnificent Reception, Dining and Drawing Rooms, most elegantly furnished Bedrooms and Bathrooms, etc., and Servants' Rooms, the whole forming practically a private house, with all the conveniences of an hotel.

The hotel is lighted throughout by Electricity, and no trouble or expense has been spared in getting the prettiest and most convenient fittings. Each bedroom has its shaded reading-lamp by the bedside. The corridors, bathrooms, lavatories, etc., are all heated in cold weather.

Every precaution has been taken for the safety of visitors. The structural parts of the building are of incombustible materials throughout; there are four fireproof staircases affording exits in every direction; and on every floor are hydrants and fire-extinguishing appliances.

Above the ground floor, on each floor of living rooms, is provided a special Private Dining Room, elegantly furnished and decorated in the Georgian manner, which can be engaged at any time by visitors staying on that floor, who are thus enabled to entertain their friends close to their own private apartments, and keep their own suites free for use afterwards.

For quiet and privacy, double doors have been provided between the apartments, and double floors constructed. The latter, the only effective means of preventing sound from passing from one floor to another, is a new feature in hotels.

The Passenger Elevators, of which there are three, are constructed upon the latest and most approved safety system by the Otis Elevator Company.

Carriages drive into the Main Entrance and set down under cover, a great convenience to guests. There is a Private Entrance for Ladies, or those who prefer not to enter by the Grand Vestibule.

The Main Entrance leads straight to the Grand Vestibule, and immediately beyond this is the Great Hall, which forms a charming and comfortable lounge. Surrounding this are the various public rooms, the Salle a Manger and Restaurant, the Drawing Room, the Reading Room, and the Rooms for Smoking and Billiards. The Restaurant and Salle a Manger adjoin ; the service in the Restaurant is a la carte, and in the Salle à Manger à prix fixe.

The decoratioa of these rooms, as well as that of the Royal Suite, has been designed by Mr. Ernest George, the celebrated artist-architect, and executed under his instructions by Messrs. Trollope and Sons.

Other private suites have been decorated by Messrs. Bertram and Sons, who have also supplied the furniture of the Royal Suite, the various public rooms, and several of the private suites.

Messrs. Maple have furnished a number of the private suites and other rooms.

TARIFF s. / d.
Single Bedpoom (including the use of Bathroom, for which no extra charge is made) from 7/6
Double Bedroom (ditto)from 10/6
Double Bedroom and Dressing Roomfrom 14/6
Double Bedroom and Bathroom (shut oflf)from 17/6
Double Bedroom, Dressing and Bathroom (shut off)from 25/0
Suite of Rooms, consisting of Sitting Room, Double Bedroom, Dressing and Bathroom, etc., each Suite complete in itself, shut off from the rest of the Hotel and forming a Private Flat from 4/20
Attendance, per day per Guest.
    No charge for Baths or Electric Light.
from 1/6
Extra Bed3/0
Child's Cot2/0
Fire in Sitting Room, all day3/0
Fire in Sitting Room, after 5 p.m.2/0
Fire in Bedroom, all day2/0
Fire in Bedroom, after 5 p.m.1/6
Maid's Room, Visitors' Floorfrom 4/0
Valet's Room, Visitors' Floofrom 5/0
Valet's Room, Sixth Floorfrom 3/0
Servant's Board, per dayfrom 6/0
Tea or Coffee (simple)1/0
Tea or Coffee with cut bread and butter1/6
English Breakfast (coffee, tea, chocolate, or cocoa, toast, rolls and butter;
    Eggs, fish, etc., as ordered, from the priced menu.
Déjeuner a prix fixe (Luncheon) served in the Salle à Manger from 1.0 till 3.0 5/0
Diner à prix fixe in the Salle à Manger from 6.30 to 8.0
    (To Residents in the Hotel.)
Luncheons and dinners in the private rooms are charged à la carte.
NOTE. -- During the London season an increase is made in the charge for Rooms.
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Advertisement in Homes of the Passing Show, 1900.